Add Your Voice For The Rouge!

Source: Ontario Nature Sept. 6th e-newsletter. As many of you are probably aware, after years of tireless campaigning on the part of so many individuals and organizations, the federal government announced the creation of the Rouge National Park, North America’s largest urban park. Located on the eastern side of the Greater Toronto Area, what will become Canada’s 45th national park is a sanctuary for rare species and a vital ecological link between Lake Ontario and the Oak Ridges Moraine. The new park, situated along the edge of the important Carolinian life zone, also presents a unique opportunity to deepen connections between urban communities and wild spaces.

But we must ensure that plans for Rouge National Park put nature first. The park should have enough forest and wetland cover to support healthy wildlife populations and protect precious water resources.

The federal government is developing priorities and plans for the Rouge National Park right now. Please add your voice to those who have fought for decades to protect the Rouge watershed. Ask our government to ensure the future health of the park by sending your version of this letter by e-mail or regular mail to Prime Minster Stephen Harper at; Environment Minister Peter Kent at; and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at The mailing address for all is: House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6. 

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Toronto Star, March 30, 2012, Federal Budget 2012: Rouge Valley to Become 1st Ever Near-Urban National Park

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