Funding For Fruit & Nut Trees

The local food movement is moving into tree planting and providing another business opportunity for arborists with Tree Canada’s new program to fund the planting of fruit and nut trees in urban areas. Tree Canada’s Jim McCready says, “We want to stick as closely to natives as possible” and sponsors, including Loblaw’s and Taste of Nature, are interested in promoting the program.

Apple and pear will qualify, but invasives will not. Tree Canada is not changing their mandate, but they are expanding it to meet the interests of the community while still encouraging the expansion of the urban canopy. Eligible project costs include: site preparation, caliper tree(s) purchase, materials (guards, mulch, stakes, mycorrhizal fungal associates), a 3-year maintenance fund, site supervision and assessments, and workshop delivery.

Note that more on this topic can be found in Engaging Communities, the Jan/Feb 2012 feature article in the Ontario Arborist. GreenHere, a non-profit tree group in Toronto, also discovered the importance of fruit and nut trees when conducting their NeighbourWoods tree inventory.

Applications are due by February 28, 2012.

Applications and more information:

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