ISA General Membership Election

ISA General Membership Election:
From 16 May through 30 June 2016, ISA members will have the opportunity to vote by electronic ballot in an election to fill expiring positions on the ISA Board of Directors and the Nominating and Elections Committee.

General Membership Election – Board of Director Seats
ISA is seeking to fill three seats on the ISA Board of Directors, and general membership voting will begin 16 May 2016. The Nominating and Elections Committee has received and evaluated a qualified roster of nominees who represent the diverse mix of ISA’s membership as potential leaders of our Society.

ISA recognizes the importance of reflecting the diversity of its members and markets through its staff, volunteer force, and governance. The varied capabilities within our Society help ISA to anticipate and fulfill the needs of its members and customers, both domestically and internationally, and to provide high quality products/services. We believe that the wide array of perspectives resulting from our diversity promotes innovation and business success.

General Membership Election – Nominating and Elections Committee Seats.
ISA is also seeking to fill four seats on the Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC). This committee’s responsibility is to provide oversight to all ISA elections. Under authority of the Board, the NEC is directed to recommend qualified nominees to the Board of Directors for open NEC seats. The NEC may identify and recommend more qualified candidates than open seats available. The Board will review the nominees recommended by the NEC and will accept, reject, and/or modify the list of nominees for NEC positions.

Watch for Notice of Your Voting Ballot ISA Member voting will be available by electronic means only. Polls will be open from 16 May through 30 June 2016. ISA staff will soon email a link to the voting ballot to ISA members who purchased their memberships by 30 April 2016. Watch your inbox for your chance to vote, and have a voice in these important decisions.

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