ReForest London Wins Top Prize


$25,000 To London! London’s Million Tree Challenge won the $25,000 first place prize in Share you Care, Fido and Evergreen’s (an organization dedicated to making cities more livable) 2011 contest with total prizes handed out totaling $100,000.

The 20 finalists all won $2,500 each. Ontario had six, the Prairies seven, BC had four, and Quebec had three finalists. Of Ontario’s contestants, two were from Toronto, two were from Ottawa and two from London.

Ottawa won second place with their monarch way station receiving 2,629 votes. This was a surprising finish considering Toronto’s reconnecting project held second place during most of the contest. Unfortunately, for trees and those who benefit from trees, Winnipeg’s program to plant trees of hope only received 212 votes. Visit and for more information.

Anthony Westenberg of Evergreen said, “Canadians know best the land they love (and in our case, if we had the resources we’d champion them all equally). Also, $25,000 can really make an effective impact rather than sprinkling it about.”
– Pat Kerr 

Our mission is to enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations in Ontario through education, research and awareness.