Renewing your ISA Membership through ISA Ontario

Effective February 1st, 2016 should ISA members wish to renew and pay their ISA membership (US$130) through the ISA Ontario Chapter office, the renewal rate of US$130 will be converted to Canadian dollars at the current US-CAN exchange rate.

If you are renewing an ISAO Professional Membership (ISA & ISAO memberships), the total amount will be US$130 (exchanged to Canadian dollars) + CAN$110.

IF one chooses to renew with ISA International online, through their renewal link, the rate will be US$240.  There will be no conversion on the Canadian component of the membership.  You will be paying more for your membership.

As of Feb 1, 2016 the exchange rate was US$1 = CAN$1.39.

Thank you for your understanding.

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