Upcoming Conference Speaker Alice Casselman Quoted in The Star

Trees in winter bare their beauty: Studies show the health benefits of living and working near trees.

Later this month, at a workshop called Make Peace with Winter, Alice Casselman will be talking about trees. It’s a subject that comes easily to her. She’s spent a lifetime as a high-school science department head and outdoor educator and has poetic tendencies about trees, even in winter.

Who cares about trees in winter? Most don’t give them a second glance; to many their bleak branches are only reminders of what’s been lost in the barren season. They don’t see the brisk dance of branches in a winter gale or their shapely beauty when they are at rest.

Not so Casselman, founder of a small organization known as ACER, the Association for Canadian Educational Resources. The 75-year-old doesn’t see stark winter tree limbs cloaked in snow, she sees Lawren Harris paintings. “He’s capturing Canada, not its dark soul, maybe its bare soul.”

Visit The Toronto Star to read the full article by Leslie Scrivener, published on January 26, 2013.

Alice Casselman will present at our upcoming conference in Niagara Falls on Thursday, February 14. Details...


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