Burning Issues

AT THIS POINT IN TIME, ISAO does not offer its own discussion forum as we feel there are many other good ones that are popular and operating smoothly. The goal of these types of online forums are to connect you with others who care about trees and discuss a variety of topics related to arboriculture. These boards are meant to be a place to build a community of like-minded professionals, share knowledge and exchange ideas and thoughts on gear, technique, strategies and experiences.

Feel free to peruse:
•  ISA Discussion Forum
•  Tree Buzz 

If, on the other hand, you have a burning issue that you'd like covered in the Ontario Arborist magazine (either by yourself or another writer), email editor Joy Black. We welcome both letters to the editor and your ideas on any topic of interest. 

Photo by Michael Richardson

Our mission is to enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations in Ontario through education, research and awareness.