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Note: All fees are payable in Canadian funds (if applicable, US$ will be exchanged to Cdn$, at the current US/Cdn exchange rate). Taxes are included.  By joining the Ontario Chapter, you authorize ISA, Ontario Chapter to make your contact information available to the ISA so they can share information with you about educational seminars, and other relevant events.

For more information contact the ISAO office at 1-888-463-2316,

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Individuals who are actively engaged in commercial, municipal or utility arboriculture; to individuals who represent or are employed by governmental agencies, organizations or institutions; whose principal duties are concerned with research, instruction, extension and administration; and to other individuals actively interested in the planting and preservation of trees. ISAO Membership ONLY....$110.

Limited to students enrolled full-time in courses of Arboriculture OR supporting and allied fields in recognized institutions at the college level or above...$75 (signature of faculty advisor required).

Individuals actively engaged in Arboriculture, including scientists, and anyone interested in trees of shade and ornamental value...US$135 + CAN$110. (Includes ISA International & ISA Ontario Chapter Associate Membership). The US$ component of the membership will be charged at current US-CAN currency exchange rates.

Open to commercial firms, individuals, and organizations who desire to promote the aims, purposes, and welfare of ISAO and make a contribution of at least $415 per annum. (Includes one Professional Membership).

Please select and include the appropriate fee with your remittance to ISAO. We will forward it to the affiliation.

Our mission is to enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations in Ontario through education, research and awareness.