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THE ARBORIST JOB BANK has been one of our most popular links since we first went online. This is the #1 place arborists search for employment, especially considering the fact that many employers only post jobs online and not always in the Ontario Arborist magazine (as it is published bi-monthly).

"We've had two people contact us already about the sales position you posted yesterday. That's pretty impressive."
~ Mike McNairn, Manager, Universal Field Supplies Inc. 

"I was pleased by the number of decent responses by qualified people in the industry. We received over 20 resumes."
~ Richard Gilmour, Skyline Tree Service

JOB AD RATES. Ads are posted for 60 days unless specified otherwise. Cost for a web-only ad is $120 for ISAO members and $180 for non-members. A two-month extension is $50. A print/web combo is also available for those who want to publish their ad in the Ontario Arborist magazine. For this option, the price of the web ad drops to $50 and print ad pricing remains the same. Ontario Arborist rate sheet...

BUY & SELL: ARBORIST CLASSIFIEDS. The perfect place to search for or get rid of unused equipment. Ads are posted for 60 days unless specified otherwise. Web-only price: $0.50/word members, $0.75/word non-members. Minimum charge of $20/ad. Photographs are $15 each for equipment selling for <$1000 and $30 for equipment selling for >$1000. Two-month extensions/renewals are 50% off the original price. Print/web combo: Place in the classifieds section of the Ontario Arborist for only $10 more!

ADVERTISING INQUIRIES. Contact the ISA Ontario office by email or phone at 888-463-2316.

Our mission is to enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations in Ontario through education, research and awareness.