Volunteer for ISAO: Reward Yourself & Promote Arboriculture

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ISA ONTARIO NEEDS AND VALUES your time and enthusiasm. Please consider placing your name on our list of willing volunteers. Up to seven times a year, our display board is set up for ISAO workshops as well as non-ISAO events such as Canada Blooms and the Landscape Ontario Tradeshow. Note that we produced a brand new display in Fall 2011 (adjacent, photo by O. Reichl) and we always welcome your ideas and feedback.

Locations vary but many of the non-ISAO sponsored events tend to take place in the GTA. Internally, we try to move both the Ontario Tree Climbing Championship and our annual Educational Conference and Trade Show around the province. Copies of the Ontario Arborist, fact sheets, pamphlets, membership applications and various other educational materials are provided and in some instances, ISA catalogues and book sales are offered.

Book sales and memberships represent a significant source of revenue for your Chapter and benefit members by keeping such things as conference and workshops costs down to manageable levels. Providing material alone, however, is not sufficient at these events. We need knowledgeable ISAO members to distribute the information and answer many of the questions that surface. At the booth, we are the face of ISAO and in many cases, this initial contact forms the opinion of the public about our professionalism and the value of hiring or being an ISA Certified Arborist.

Tasks associated with staffing the ISAO booth may include but are not limited to:
• Picking up or returning the display and promotional material from ISAO Headquarters.
• Liaise with staff at the various event venues.
• Initial set-up/removal of the display, lights, banners and organizing the materials in an appealing manner.
• Attending the display in four hour segments in tandem with another member.
• May include receiving paperwork and payment for memberships and books.
• Opening or closing the display for the day.
• Keeping promotional material stocked for display.
• Answering arboriculture questions put forward by the public and potential members.
• Enthusiastically expressing the value of hiring a Certified Arborist and the value of becoming a member of ISA.
• Encouraging and steering people to our website where many of their queries may be answered.
• Maintaining the non-display portion of the booth such as watering any plant material.

Becoming a part of the team that is responsible for our display enables you to network with people with similar interests and promotes the value or your work as a Certified Arborist. Positive contact experiences made at these events affect each and every member and serve to keep ISAO in the forefront of people’s minds when considering a professional to maintain their trees. Lastly, if you have a desire to play a larger role with ISAO and would like to consider sitting on our board, please let us know. Fill out our volunteer registration form today. For more information, please contact the ISAO office by email or call 1-888-463-2316.

Our mission is to enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations in Ontario through education, research and awareness.